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The Renovation of Langdon 教堂



In honor of their sons and the class of 2021, the parents of the sixth form are directing their collective philanthropy to help fund the renovation
and restoration of the school's chapel. 


Since our founding in 1901, the 教堂 Program has stood at the very center of the School, the inspiration and soul of our daily lives on the Hilltop. All of our most sacred core values emanate from the 教堂, making it the quintessential classroom on campus.

Listening to different voices of Sixth Form students, faculty members and guest speakers, we learn and emphasize empathy and humility, the importance of service, and the appreciation of our place at Salisbury and in the world. Schoolwide gatherings twice a week with speakers from both inside and outside the School community enable us to honor all religious and spiritual traditions.

Built in the early 1960s for a school community of 150-200 students and faculty, our current enrollment of 310 boys and faculty of 65 has created an urgent need to expand and improve the current space. Thank you for being a part of this historic renovation that will serve the Hilltop community for generations to come.


Key features of the chapel renovation

• Steeple, windows, lighting, heating, and acoustics

• Narthex addition and balcony seating

• New chancel platform and walls and student storage

• Updated and enhanced interior

• Improved sightlines and separation of “sacred space” from the entrance and gathering spaces

• Fundraising goal: $1,250,000


捐赠 to this project

class of 2021 六年级的礼物 Committee

六年级的礼物 Committee Co-Chairs

Brooke and Matthew Barzun
Jennifer Walston Johnson and Greg Johnson
Terry Ann and Sandison Weil


Pepper and Carlton Anderson
Lindsey and Tom Buhl
Judith and Andrew Cousin
Gail and Kevin Nemsick
Brigida Gonzalez and Carlos Pena
Brita and Edward Steffelin
Yanhong Ge and Cidong Wang

recent Gift 历史

  • Class of 2010: Stadium Seating at Wachtmeister Field
  • Class of 2011: Endowed Teaching Fellowship
  • Class of 2012: Restoration and Renovation to the Main Building Entrance
  • Class of 2013: Global Classroom and Video Conferencing Center
  • Class of 2014: Restoring and Preserving the Historic Main Building's North Dormitory
  •  Class of 2015: Restoring Salisbury's Academic and College Offices in the Historic Main Building
  •  Class of 2016: Endowed Teaching Fellowship
  • Class of 2017: Quadrangle Renovation
  • Class of 2018: Belin Lodge Renovation  
  • Class of 2019: Renovation of the Miles P.H. Seifert '53 剧院
  • Class of 2020: Performing 艺术 Center



The 历史 of the 六年级的礼物

In the fall of 1991, Salisbury parents began a tradition whereby parents of the Sixth Form banded together to collectively honor their sons and to express gratitude to the School for its role in their sons’ development.

Through the 六年级的礼物, Salisbury parents have contributed more than $16 million to create permanently endowed academic chairs and fellowships, increase the availability of financial aid, and support faculty and staff development as well as fund new academic, 运动, and residential facilities.

最近, the restoration of Spencer Hall, new walkways in the Class of 2017 Academic Quadrangle, the renovation of Belin Lodge, and funds donated for an update of the Miles P. Seifert ’53 剧院 and Performing 艺术 Center are all gifts of Sixth Form families. This tradition has had a transformational impact on the Salisbury community.

Support the 六年级的礼物 Project

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