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Our Crimson Knights

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    Interscholastic tennis came to Salisbury in 1906 with a match against Robbins School in Norfolk. In the years that followed, tennis enjoyed great popularity as an intramural and extracurricular sport. In 1921, a picked team took on a group from Berkshire School and similar matches took place during the remainder of the 1920s. Tennis achieved temporary varsity status in 1922. Though organized competition lapsed in the 1930s, tennis remained a very popular extracurricular activity. In 1947, an informal “Tennis Group” took to the courts, but finally, in 1957, varsity competition commenced in earnest under the watchful eye of Coach Gordon Reid. Stephen Parker ’59 was a star of these early squads. In the 1960s the team enjoyed a wonderful run, amassing a 32-1-0 record over a period of four years. Inaugural Coach Reid remained in charge of the program until 1979. Kiau Loi followed Reid as coach, and then Stephen Parker ’59 returned to the School to serve on the faculty and enjoyed a decade of great success as coach of the team he led as a student.