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Our Crimson Knights

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    索尔斯堡 Lacrosse Looks to Regain National Spotlight

    It almost goes without saying that the 索尔斯堡 Crimson Knights’ lacrosse team is awash in talented players. A tradition of excellence pervades the program. The number of commits to elite Division I college 项目 – 18 and counting – is impressive, to say the least. Head coach Tom Spinella has the further benefit of returning 15 players who were part of his team’s regular rotation last year.

    As the profile of lacrosse continues on the rise across the prep school landscape and across the country, 然而, Spinella and his players are well aware that rival 项目 boast similarly stunning numbers. There are not many “easy outs” on the schedule. The Knights will face off against particularly strong teams from 雅芳旧农场, Brunswick School, Deerfield Academy, Lawrenceville School, and 塔夫特中学 all looking to flaunt and burnish national credentials.

    It's a stick-wielding, groundball-frenzied, body-crushing jungle out there.

    Among his returners, Spinella has a solid corps of midfielders. These include seniors Aidan Aitken (University of Maryland), Josh Bank (Ithaca College), Will Delagarza (Boston University), 将曼加尔, Luca Schettino (SUNY-Geneseo), and Charlie Van Beuren (Emerson College). Three newcomers will provide Spinella with further depth at midfield: senior Trace Davidson (University of Maryland) and juniors Brock Behrman (Notre Dame) 和博 Westphal.

    On the attack, Spinella has several potent scorers but little depth. Returning seniors Brian Hart (Bates College) and Tye Scott (University of Denver) will lead the way, along with Trey Deere (Syracuse University), a returning junior. Newcomer Shane Murphy (Rutgers University) joins the attackers, while Behrman will also see time at attack.

    The Knights appear solid on defense, starting in the goal with senior Gabe Mathews (Morrisville State College) and junior Marco Wimmershoff (Rutgers University), 两个回击者. They will be supported by returning teammates Declan Cooke (Notre Dame), 一位高级, and Justin DeLucia and Matt Nemsick (Colgate University), 两个下属. A strong recruiting year yielded newcomers Matt Dooley (Cornell University), Max Latorre (Dartmouth College), Seamus MacCarthy (University of Utah), and Matt Rosato (U.S. Air Force Academy), 所有的老年人, as well as John Moore (University of North Carolina-教堂 Hill) 和Brady O’Sullivan (Brown University), 两个下属. Veteran Brady Wambach (University of North Carolina-教堂 Hill) will be the faceoff specialist.

    For many schools, last year’s record of 7-4, compiled in one of the toughest high school leagues in the country, would have been considered a successful season. For 索尔斯堡, though, a .636 winning percentage is regarded as a disappointment. It goes without saying that the team expects to improve on the results of a year ago.

    Coach Spinella is optimistic. “I feel very excited about this year’s group,” he shares enthusiastically. “Their team chemistry is great, and they have bought into the notion of ‘something greater than themselves’.”

    -Procter Smith, Director of Sports Information


    Since the late 1980s 索尔斯堡 lacrosse has enjoyed great success, evolving into one of New England’s elite 项目. In 1994 and 1995, the team reigned as the Western New England Division II Champions under the leadership of coach David Hagerman. The team garnered even greater success in the years that followed. Under the leadership of coach Bobby Wynne, 索尔斯堡 lacrosse squads have reigned as champions of the Western New England Lacrosse League, earning the title seven times between 2003 and 2018. Our Knights also participated in the Geico National Championship in 2018. Many 索尔斯堡 boys have enjoyed great success at the nation’s elite collegiate 项目.


    Where Are They Now?

    Our Knights have gone on to play at the following colleges: Bowdoin College, Providence College, Swarthmore College, Le Moyne College, Syracuse University, 霍巴特学院, Penn State University, Endicott College, Penn State University, 联合学院, High Point University, Connecticut College, Yale University, Trinity College, Colgate University, 华盛顿 & 李大学,  Ohio State University, Ohio Wesleyan University, Harvard University, Gettysburg College, United States Naval Academy, University of Maryland and More!