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索尔斯堡 prides itself on discovering new and exciting ways to integrate technology into the classroom. Our Educational 技术 team works with faculty members in all disciplines to create new and dynamic teaching resources.  Our wireless 净work access provides coverage in nearly every location on campus. 索尔斯堡 wants boys to be connected, organized and productive.  

Dorm rooms are equipped with wired and wireless access points and students are given their own 净work storage, e-mail and Web portal accounts to communicate with faculty and peers, as well as obtain access to critical academic resources.

索尔斯堡 has three primary goals for incorporating technology into our curriculum:

  • To arm students with 21st Century skills as they prepare for college 和生活;
  • To enhance the in-classroom experience for all styles of learning; and
  • To engage the students with technology in a wide variety of exercises and 项目.


To accomplish these goals, the academic program focuses on developing proficiency in the following skill areas:

  • E-mail and electronic communication
  • 文件管理
  • Web-based research and electronic media literacy
  • 字(词)处理技术
  • Graphing and spreadsheet applications
  • 演讲

In addition to these core areas, students have the option of furthering their knowledge within courses including,

  • Digital film production
  • Audio and video editing
  • 音乐技术



To meet the demands of the academic program, we strongly recommend you own a laptop computer before arriving at 索尔斯堡 School. Students may bring either a *Mac or a PC that meet the minimum requirements listed below.

  • Windows 10, Mac OS 11 or higher
  • Processor: 64-bit or 32-bit
  • Memory: at least 8GB, preferably 16GB
  • Network: wireless ready

索尔斯堡 School's preferred resource for Apple products and repairs is Visionary Computer, an Apple Specialist, located in nearby Lakeville, CT. Visionary Computer provides Apple authorized sales, service and repair on the full line-up of Apple products. They can be reached via the web at http://www.visionarycomputer.净, telephone at (860) 435-2211, or via email at info@visionarycomputer.净. Visionary Computer can also arrange pickup and delivery for 索尔斯堡 School students.


Printers are available in the dorm common areas and the library for your PC and iOS devices. Access information will be provided during orientation. Students may bring their own printer but we recommend using a wired connection (USB cable) and not utilizing the wifi.

什么  带

  • Computers or laptops designed as “gaming” machines
  • chrome笔记本


Students are allowed to connect multiple devices (e.g., tablets, smartphones) to our wireless 净work. Please note ChromeBooks do not work with our 净work and are not supported.



While you are a student here you may install:

  • Microsoft Office for PC or Mac
  • Malwarebytes Antivirus software (if you currently do not have antivirus software installed on your machine we will require you to install our version of Symantec)
  • Other software as required by specific classroom needs
  • Ether净 cables are available upon request
  • Network Connectivity- Instructions will be supplied during orientation on how to connect to our wifi, 注册设备, and how to access our other 净work services.