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Project Based Learning

以下是英语教师Trevor Rees 2019年秋季家长周末会议的一段节选:

“With the greatest leader above them, the boys barely know one exists.  The master teacher works without self-interest and leaves no trace.  Project-based learning might not be as new as we think.  Boys are excellent at it.  It gives them ownership. "


I’m beta-testing a project in my AP Language class.  十大正规网赌网址的男孩团队正在设计并共同编写《网赌正规平台网址》, each mining a different lode of source material.  一个小组将在-à-vis《网赌正规平台网址》中对语言工具进行分类, another using professional sports, I can’t wait to see how they develop and flourish.  Tryion Lannister is going to be a gold mine of persuasive language.  我将成为主要投资者、总编辑和出版商.  In March I will anoint the best edition, 4月十大正规网赌网址将联合起来完善它并自行发行, and in May, we’re going to try to get you to buy it.  All profits will go to our microwave disaster relief fund.

My hope, as the students are vaulted into overnight literary superstardom, is that they barely know I exist, and exclaim by June “we did it all by ourselves.”  They can do it all by themselves, 并且在这个过程中学习到比他们想知道的更多的关于anadiplosis的知识.  项目培养所有权,所有权创造代理,代理加深理解. "

To view Trevor's full convocation speech click here

math and science: Designing and building roller coasters 

数学老师Trudy Pyznski的过山车设计项目将二次函数应用到现实世界中. 代数二的学生探索真正的过山车从最高的山上掉下来所需要的时间和距离. 学生们利用这个活动作为一个向导来设计自己的过山车. In the honors level class, 他们扩展了单元,并应用了多项式函数的知识. 
Roller Coaster Design
Thucylides Day

humanities: Constructing ancient Greek city-states 

As a part of their trimester-long study of ancient Greece, 《网赌正规平台网址》的三个部分讲述了古希腊城邦的建立.

学生们将他们的城邦建立在对真实的地方所做的研究和报告的基础上(萨莫斯, Corinth, and Argos) ca. 430 BCE. The culmination includes “Thucydides Day,” including a virtual tour through each class’s city-state, built entirely in Minecraft, and a council meeting inspired by “Model UN,“十大正规网赌网址三个城市国家将携手应对十大正规网赌网址地区的共同威胁(以伯罗奔尼撒战争为例)。. 




Over the past several years, 历史系系主任克里斯·拉塞尔试图调整网赌正规平台网址的历史教学方法. He emphasizes asking the critical questions first; where do we want to go and how do we get there? Beginning with the desired skills and goals of each particular lesson, he forges a path for his classes to get there.

This trimester, 整个历史系都分享了在不同时期和世界各地研究的人类迁徙的主题. Our boys researched their own family-history of migration, and connected experiences within history to their own stories. During our winter project-based evaluation, students had the opportunity to present and share tales of migration.

Sebastian Port '22 created an entire Human Migration website 来支持他的工作,十大正规网赌网址的几位骑士以其他有意义的方式展示了他们的研究. To view their projects, 了解十大正规网赌网址在十大正规网赌网址教授历史的独特方法, see our Winter 2020 Online Magazine.  



public speaking: product pitch 

In Tom Severo’s Public Speaking class, 学生们发明一种产品,并对其进行推销,在推销过程中他们必须使用多媒体, have customer testimonials, 并实施各种旨在“与大象对话”的技术, not the rider.这引用了他们在课堂上讨论的一个概念,该概念本质上阐述了人类如何成为情感决策者, 他们只是后来才用自己的推理来证明自己最初的直觉.      










Public Speaking

media lab

每三个月的学生可以选择视频摄影、数码摄影或平面设计课程.  In addition to these formal offerings, 十大正规网赌网址的媒体实验室的学生与同学们一起进行跨课程项目,结合了从各种课程和活动中获得的学习经验,如音乐和山地自行车!


向学生介绍了单反相机和拍摄电影的多种模式,以及熟练使用Adobe Photoshop, learning how to catalog, archive and print their work for exhibition.

学生学习最新的技术和过程的数字视频制作,包括现场和工作室的相机操作, sound, lighting, project planning and more! 十大正规网赌网址的平面设计课程为学生提供了学习和应用技术和理论来传达视觉信息的机会.  Students develop competency in computer illustration, layout, color, editing, typography and printing.

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OneLove Foundation Event: A Media Lab Production

Self Starters On The Hilltop

Students outside of Google headquarters in NYC.
Salisbury Suppliers moving office chair across Quad.
Student calendar image of chapel exterior.
Students at Google headquarters in NYC using tech equipment.
Student designed water bottle sticker graphic of cupola.

entrepreneurial studies

经济系受益于跨学科的方法, 以及对应用经济理论的经验学习的深度的承诺. Students, typically in the upper forms, 你是否可以选择学习经济学和个人理财,以资本市场为导向的课程, or may apply to participate in the Entrepreneurial Studies Program, 这是一门三门课程的课程,围绕一个新概念建立一个组织的理论和实践.   本课程包含大学水平的经济学课程,旨在为学生进一步学习该学科做更好的准备.  系里的学生经验集中在十大正规网赌网址的信念上:男孩子最好是边做边学. 个人理财理论通过每年一次的模拟投资组合竞赛和由经济学教授监督的校园投资俱乐部得以巩固. 供求理论在学生需求计划表中找到了真正的意义,这些计划表是由校园运营的学生机构创建的(见创业研究概述)。. Every student in Entrepreneurial Studies creates, develops, and defends to the school administration, a real business plan, seeking approval and seed funding from the School. 许多学生在上六年级的时候会继续进行独立的学习计划.