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World Languages


十大正规网赌网址世界语言部寻求通过真实的资源和各种文化资源,包括历史,发展熟练, art, music, and cinema. 通过多媒体整合文本的使用, the French, 西班牙语和汉语课程致力于培养每个学习者的沟通技能. 拉丁项目注重翻译的准确性, and students are encouraged to work on key concepts such as sentence structure, vocabulary translated within a contextual sense and an understanding of the passage.

In all languages, students are encouraged to take an active role in the classroom through discussion, projects, presentations, 并表现真实的文化实践. 

Spanish I class with Alex Avery.


Advanced Placement courses are offered for qualifying students in French, Spanish, and Latin. 十大正规网赌网址也为已经完成AP课程并希望继续学习的六年级学生提供法语和西班牙语的后AP水平学习.

World Languages Offerings At Salisbury:

网赌正规平台网址的学术生活是激励人心的. 网赌正规平台网址的老师、教练和导师都是出类拔萃的. 他们把激情和专业知识带到他们亲密的课堂环境中. Collaboration, innovation, problem solving, creativity, 公民责任只是指导十大正规网赌网址教育模式的一些原则. Most importantly, these men and women partner with you each day and always with the highest expectations. 
Dean of Academic Life Sarah Mulrooney


Advanced Topics in Post-AP Spanish

As a post-AP offering, 这一整年的课程将建立在对西班牙语世界的历史和文化的知识和理解之上,这些知识和理解始于西班牙语课程的早期, 在哪里,把别人的经历与十大正规网赌网址自己的经历进行比较的重点培养了同理心,更好地为十大正规网赌网址的孩子准备迎接多元文化世界的挑战. 学生将完成一个西班牙语国家的深入研究(每个学生一个), 报道历史和文化,包括当前的问题和事件. 具有代表性的文学作品将反映重大的历史, 这些国家的文化和社会运动将包括诗歌和短篇小说以及散文, documentary films, and podcasts. In addition, through visual art, literature, and short films the class will explore topics such as: The other; The immigrant, the exiled and the displaced; The dreamer and the fool; and Men and women in the 21st Century while providing opportunities to enhance written communication through autobiography, letters, reviews, essays and creative writing.


China's remarkable development in recent years has made an impact on the world. 让十大正规网赌网址的学生为全球化的未来做更好的准备, Salisbury School introduced a Program of Distinction in Mandarin language and culture in 2007. 该项目旨在帮助有动力的初级和中级汉语学习者提高阅读能力, writing and speaking. 学生从基本的发音和写作技巧开始, 课程是基于现实生活的情况,以进一步增强他们的语言沉浸体验. Additionally, students are exposed to various Chinese customs and cultures to broaden their perspective.