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哲学 & 宗教

牧师. 柯克·霍尔90年代的作品.



在十大正规网赌网址, 十大正规网赌网址相信道德, spiritual and ethical maturation of a person develops over a lifetime but begins to fully blossom for adolescent males in their middle to late teen years. 作为你接近宗教的一种方式, 哲学, and ethical voices that continue to shape the global context in the 21st century, the 哲学与宗教系 offers trimester classes designed to coincide with your development through your fourth, 五年级和六年级. 每门课程都以探究的精神开设, along with a positive affirmation of the Judeo-Christian tradition as it supports the educational philosophy and communal life of 索尔斯堡 School. Our goal is not only expose you to the varied voices and complex systems that continue to shape the world around us, 同时也要提供工具来发展你自己的道德, 道德, 和精神上的风景.

课程的 哲学与宗教系 explore the religious, ethical and 哲学 voices that continue to shape our global context. Students begin this process in their fourth form year with the study of religion and its various manifestations through a survey course on the world’s major religions. 在五年级的时候, students move deeper into the abstract and often complex conversations through one of the various electives in the study of philosophy. 最后, 在他们六年级的时候, students will apply the 道德 and 哲学 principles through one of the various electives in the study of ethics. As each course meets the students where they are, there are no prerequisites for these classes. Three to four year students must complete at least three trimesters of 哲学 and 宗教 at 索尔斯堡 in order to graduate. Incoming fifth and sixth formers must complete a trimester of the respective section each year they attend 索尔斯堡.  

哲学 & 网赌正规平台网址的宗教祭品:

* 哲学 and 宗教 Courses will not be offered during the 2021-2022 Academic year.

网赌正规平台网址的学术生活令人振奋. 网赌正规平台网址的老师、教练和导师都是出类拔萃的. 他们把激情和专业知识带入他们亲密的课堂环境. 协作, 创新, 解决问题, 创造力, and civic responsibility are just some of the principles that guide 索尔斯堡 School’s educational model. 最重要的是, these men and women partner with you each day and always with the highest expectations. 
学院院长Sarah Mulrooney



作为哲学和宗教研究的导论, this course will introduce fourth formers to religion as a human response to the sacred. 学生们将探索不同的全球传统是如何看待神话的, 故事, 符号, 仪式, 理想和道德实践是一种有意义的生与死的方式. This introduction will provide a framework through which students can reflect on their own experiences, 同时也为进一步的探索做好准备, 修行与学习. 传统包括:印度教、佛教、犹太教、基督教和伊斯兰教.


在一个联系越来越紧密的世界里, 同时, 更多的分歧, this course will investigate the ethical implications of the “outsider” and issues of justice, 人权和激进团结. Engaging in this conversation with a critical look at the book of Genesis and the motif of the “outsider,“这个班要靠奖学金, film and contemporary events that can bring to light the complex reality that creates division, 分离和(最终)异化. Students will also have the opportunity to research topics of their own choice for more in depth learning.

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